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We are NeruQooNelu from Japan.
Drums Ryoter・C・Tsugane
Vocal&Guitar Machiico
Guitar Enrico
Bass Kaji
S.Bass Saskia Clapton
Guitar&chorus Yuho Sarashina
NeruQooNelu is great pop band formed in Japan(tokyo) in 2013.
Ryoter・C・Tsugane(Taiheiyo-Shiranui-gakudan) found deep inside the forest Machiko, when the band of the previous
at rest.They went out on a journey of wandering,and they met Saskia Clapton at Sydney.In 2014,when they were dead drunk,they met
Enrico at Italy.
Soon They saw bicycle girl! She is Kaji(from hanazono-distance).So NeruQooNelu is perfect condition.